Faux Stone Headboard and More!


What a tremendous statement this faux rock placement makes as a headboard for your bed!  This installation–most height enhancing–surely will make your room appear taller and more spacious.  The sheer size of the stones and the implied weight of the application would make anyone take notice in appreciation of avant-garde design.

Add the incredibly realistic look of River Rocks with Faux Stone Panels. They are available in different colors.  Most available panels are carefully hand-painted to further increase the look of natural elements.  They are great to cover foundations and for fireplaces, and, for the daring DIY’er, this rocky headboard is a new take on application.

They are easy to maintain, ultra-realistic in feel, resistant to mildew, cracking and fading; can be cleaned with soap and water, installs easily using basic carpenter’s tools, is lightweight, and most especially, can be a significant cost savings compared to a more traditional design approach.

By and large, all schools of Feng Shui agree that to go without a headboard for your bed is hugely unsupportive for your health and could lead to physical problems before you are aware of it consciously. Why not anchor the necessary faux furnishing for an unbeatable strong support by doing it in faux stone?

Stone panels typically come in 38 inches H x 49-1/2 inches W x 2-1/2 inches D (with a weight of 15Lbs.)  Simply measure your desired headboard width and height and calculate the number of panels required.  This truly can be an easy weekend project that can re-vitalize your bedroom in a big way for little cost.

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