Lowes Regency New York, Hotel Lobby Design

Lowes hotel

A beautiful, pristine, sleek, and contemporary Lowe Regency, New York city, boasts a lobby that is both comfortably familiar as well as excitingly modern.  It is truly a work of contemporary art, while holding close the traditional style so familiar to many a domestic traveler.  Pause, if you will, and take in the placement of the rich hued furnishings; so effortlessly placed, inviting guests to rest a while, and at the same time, breathing ample pathways toward a quick collection of oneslef to the next, New York destination.

Only a practiced and artful eye would be responsible for this gorgeous space, and the Rottet Studio can take generous credit for the design of this amazing hotel lobby.  Reportedly, it offers a grand entrance to the check-in desks. To the left, it’s reported that you may access the hotel bar, restaurant and guest lifts; and to the right, a space for guests and visitors to enjoy.

The elegant lobby features sumptuous velvet sofas, bespoke designed stools and antique mirrored coffee tables. The most arresting piece is the breathtaking art installation by Brooklyn-based artist Nina Helms, called “Brise de printemps” (spring breeze). This is said to be more breathtaking in person.  It is certainly mostly a modern space, with some beautifully designed details such as the ceiling light and grand surfaces throughout the space.

It is such signature pieces as the “Brise de printemps” which gives this hotel its signature personality.

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