New, Free, Super Helpful Design Apps

waterlogue picture

Just had to share with you two amazing design apps that do so much, are fairly simple to use, and best of all, are free!


You don’t have to be an artist or a designer to use this tool!  Just upload a photograph, (like the top picture illustrates,) and this new app will create for you a virtual, watercolor rendition of that photograph for you to further design away on (like the lower picture illustrates).

The assorted tools and applications it comes packed with will have you drawing on your virtual copy your design ideas in no time.

Up until now, they have probably only been in your head, or on scratch paper that was sadly, not very much to scale.

Save time and money, this app takes the guesswork out of your new, bold, re-design projects as well as giving you tools to create arts and crafts projects that are suggested.

For a limited time, the Apple Store through iTunes for your iPad is making this app available for free. Go to the link below and get your free copy of Waterlogue while the offer lasts.


But wait, there’s more.  Again for iPad from iTunes, this app is also easy to use.  You just drop a magazine on the floor (to help scale the furniture). Then take a picture of the space with the magazine in it, and then add furniture from the app catalog.  Suppliers and retailers should both love this tool because it lets you, the customer, fully visualize what furniture will look like in the home before purchase.

Among the app features is a “My Design” area that allows consumers to add, change, rotate, and delete items from the space. A “live” mode enables you to walk around the space while viewing the virtual pieces through your iPad screen. You can also post, share and save favorite photos. So go ahead.  Download your app today and start having some organized, “to scale,” realistic, furniture arrangement fun!

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