Semiprecious Surfaces


You certainly can’t deny its beauty.  Semiprecious stones combined with other natural materials to create grand slabs for interior surfaces.  Cosentino, the originators of this new design material, “Prexury®,” claim its durability for even bath and kitchen surfaces.  It’s hard to believe that these valuable stones, compressed and cut in slabs have similar wear ability and strength that traditional stone slabs are known to have.

The expense of liberal use of the semiprecious surface would be cost prohibitive for most home owners.  Never the less, it has made its way out as a viable choice for high-end residential designers to specify for their clients.  It truly is an exceptional collection, consisting of natural, semi-precious stones, petrified wood and unusual fossils that create solid, elegant surfaces with the most extraordinary designs.

Cosentino introduces into the luxury home, the slabs made of these amassed stones, the individual stone traditionally having been used primarily for the making of jewelry and precious art forms..  There line includes quartz, amethyst, agate carnelian and jasper. The beauty of these stones, secured in their proprietary material, make it a lavish option, according to the manufacturer, for almost all areas of the home. Cosentino specifies Prexury for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, as well as to be used for many kinds of cladding.  The company gives the surfaces a hardness rating, guarantees the authenticity of it’s make-up, and indicates that the materials come from all over the world, including Africa, America and Australia.

The picture above shows Prexury Carnelian as the surface and apron of the bar.  The semiprecious surface is enhanced by lighting from the underside and is quite striking against the African Blackwood or Ebony wall and cabinetry finish for what I would imagine would be a very opulent, masculine-toned den or office.

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